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Turn your freestanding manual boat lift into an solar powered or electric hoist. We offer the widest variety of boat lift motors in the industry, choose from a wide selection of direct drive and friction drive motors for your manually operated boat lift. All motor models are available in 12V DC or 110V AC power options.

Lift Tech Marine

Lift Tech Marine universal direct drive and friction wheel drive boat lift motors can be installed on nearly any lift with ease. They come with a variety of power and operating options. Each unit available by Lift Tech offers great performance and a simple yet effective design that takes only minutes to install.
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Extreme Max

The Boat Lift Boss by Extreme Max is a universal direct drive motor system that can be installed on most freestanding manual boat lifts. Available in AC 110V and DC 12V power options, they can be operated by the turn of a key or push of a remote button. The Boat Lift Boss features a easy to install design and protective shroud. These units replace your manual turn wheel and directly connect to your winch assembly.

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Shoreline Industries

ShoreLine Industries offers two styles of boat lift motors. The popular Lift Mate friction drive universal boat lift motor is available in two power options AC 110v and DC 12v with the option of toggle switch operation or remote control. Also offered by Shoreline Industries, the Sidewinder direct drive lift motor. Sidewinder motors replace manual turn wheels and are available in the AC and DC versions.
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ShoreStation Motors

The SSDC2 and SSAC2 by ShoreStation are friction drive, wheel to wheel boat lift motors specifically designed for ShoreStation brand manual boat lifts. Available in AC 110v or DC 12v power options, the custom motor system provides a perfect fit for ShoreStation manual lift owners and solution to cranking the manual turn wheel by hand.

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Shore Riser Universal Wheel Drive

Shore Riser Universal Wheel Drive boat lift motors in both AC 110v or DC 12v models.
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